Professionals sharing skills for a strong, fair and inclusive society

The global pandemic was, necessarily, a period of intense disruptive innovation. With face-to-face contact and travel curtailed, social interaction shifted, increasingly, to the online world with all of its advantages and its pitfalls.

EurAV, is a non-profit organisation of creative and media experts who pool their skills to work towards common social goals that are enshrined in the company's Memorandum of Association. The primary aim of EurAV is to "support and promote community development, social equity, social cohesion and environmentalism." The organisation does this, principally, by using its traditional and digital media skills to develop and deliver training to groups and individuals and by supporting and developing awareness campaigns in both print and online. EurAV also partners with other organisations that share its values of social equity, environmental action and media literacy. 
Community Media Training

We are working to develop basic courses in all aspects of community media production to help ensure that all voices can be heard

Social Media Campaigns

We are helping to develop and support online campaigns to create awareness around issues of social equity, media literacy and environmental action

Networking Near and Far

We are pursuing strategic networks of community groups, individuals and organisations, on a local and European level, that support a common ethos.

Can we work together?

Our aim is to be part of a network that extends across Ireland and across Europe.

We are interested in collaborating with like-minded organisations that are involved in climate action, media literacy, social cohesion or social equity. Our strengths lie in research, project development, training development and delivery, media production and dissemination. We have a particular interest in community television as a platform with the potential to provide a voice for all facets of our society - particularly those who are marginalised, under-represented in mainstream media or in minority. We look forward to hearing from you.

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EurAV is a member of Media Literacy Ireland